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A Loving Tribute to Brut

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A Loving Tribute to Brut – and a testament to the joy of opening your heart and home to a grey muzzle.

Beautifully written by Brut’s forever dad, Ken Common Jr.

When my wife and I saw his picture we fell in love. When we read his story, it broke our hearts but we knew we had to rescue him. The first time he came into our house he was anxious, we were anxious, but what neither of us knew is how much we’d changed each other. My wife and I had pondered for months about adopting a grey muzzle and it was by far the greatest thing we’ve ever done. Brut was sadly only with us for less than a year. Not knowing when we adopted him that in a few short weeks he’d be 13! Don’t tell Brut that though, he lived like he was 4. He’d had hip surgery, bad arthritis in his joints, and a hard time breathing, but he had a heart of a puppy. In my 28 years I’d never seen someone have so much will to live, to be a part of a family he’d only just met so late in his life. He would walk up behind us in the kitchen and tap us with his wet nose on the back of our leg, but by the time you turned around he was 20 feet away! Yes he was a crazy little ninja, but you knew he was just saying hi guys! At the dog park one day, my wife asked me “where’s Brut at?” I look around only to find him, 13 1/2 years old on top of a large dirt pile, as if to be self-proclaiming himself as King of the Hill.

I could go on and on with stories of Brut. He was an inspiration to us and was the sweetest ol’ gray muzzle. Times were tough with him too. He had a mass blocking his airway that made his breathing labored; we visited All Creatures way more then we’d ever have liked too. And unfortunately my wife had to take him for his final visit a few weeks ago. With my wife and Melissa by his side, Brut took his final breath. His spirit, his heart, and his life lessons we will forever carry with us.

Since Brut has passed away, my wife and I talked about if we’d adopt a gray muzzle again. At first we weren’t sure, but I can tell you now, we will. I don’t know when or which one of the precious faces I see every day that need a home, but it will be one of them. And another….. If you’re debating on adopting a grey muzzle, we highly recommend it. Will it be tough, yes! Will you feel like you wanted more time with them, yes! Will it be the most rewarding thing you’ve ever done and make memories you’ll have forever, yes!!!

To Brut, we miss you buddy. We know you are a lot happier and off either climbing a beautiful hilltop or chasing a toy somewhere over the rainbow. No more pain and suffering. We love you so much!!!


Ken and Stacy with their beloved Brut


In memory of our beautiful Honey who crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on May 31, 2012. Honey came into Daisy’s Place with her lifelong companion Buddy – these two precious old souls finally found the love they deserve with their foster mom Heather and her family. Honey had a brain tumor and we did everything possible to keep her comfortable – Heather made sure her last year was happy and filled with joy. Honey died at home with Heather, knowing she was loved and treasured. Now Honey joins the Daisy Angels where she will watch over us all and help guide us to those who need our love and care.


In memory of our sweet Gizmo who crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on August 31, 2012. Gizmo came to us after he had been left at the shelter for the second time – his first person passed away and then the person who adopted Gizmo could no longer care for him. From the moment he became a Daisy Dog, Gizmo touched our hearts, he was a true Labby through and through, full of love with an amazing spirit and a tail wag and kiss for all he met! Gizmo was surrounded by love when he took his last breath, cradled in the arms of his foster mom, Linda, and his Auntie Sharon. We miss our sweet boy, but know that he’s with the Daisy Angels as he watches over us and guides us to those who need our love and care.


A beautiful soul left this earth on October 18, 2012 – Lordie Mercy joined the Daisy angels. Lordie came to us after being abandoned at a high kill shelter after what was obviously years of neglect. With the love of her incredible foster family, Lordie blossomed into the grande dame of Daisy’s Place. As Lordie’s body began to fail, her spirit remained strong – strengthened further by the love of her long term foster family, Pam, Scott and her beloved girl, Gigi. Lordie lived her last years as a cherished member of the family and as she took her last breath she was surrounded by their love and went to the bridge knowing she will remain in their hearts forever.

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