A Tribute to the Queen

As founder of Daisy’s Place, this is the hardest post I’ve ever had to write.  I grieve the loss of each of our Daisy Dogs as they are all so special.  On July 1st I said goodbye to our first official Daisy Dog and my forever girl, Magnolia.  There are no words to describe the joy she brought to my life and the lives all of who knew her – and even to many who never met her in person but fell in love with her on the internet.  Magnolia was truly a gift from God.  When Magnolia was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in September of 2012, my husband, Micheal, and I were devastated but determined to do everything we could to keep our precious grey muzzle healthy for as long as possible.  Throughout multiple surgeries, various treatments including chemo and weekly radiation, Magnolia’s tail never stopped wagging and she always had a big smile and nose nibbles for all she met.  Known as “The Queen” by many, Magnolia became an inspiration to others whose beloved fur babies were ill and also to those who were considering opening their hearts and home to a grey muzzle.  Sadly, we finally reached a point where Magnolia’s body just couldn’t keep up with her amazing spirit.  She began showing signs of suffering as the cancer had spread throughout her lungs.  Micheal and I were blessed with almost six joy filled years with Magnolia – the last two made even more special because we knew our time may be limited and so we cherished every moment.  Magnolia began her journey to the rainbow bridge surrounded by love – her amazing oncologist, Dr. Kerry Rissetto from Charleston Veterinary Referral Center, came to our house so Magnolia’s last moments on earth could be spent in her home with her family.  As my heart is aching over this almost unbearable loss, I’m reminded that the pain is so great because the love we shared was so deep.  Magnolia was my best friend, my heart and my greatest inspiration.  Thank you all for your prayers, love and support and most of all, thank you for loving these precious grey muzzles.

Much love and many blessings,

Melissa aka Auntie M